Spanish teacher Frank



I’m Frank and I come from Lima, Peru. I have been an English and Spanish language teacher for almost ten years. I hold a teaching degree by the University of Lima and a CELTA qualification. After completing a postgraduate diploma in Spanish language teaching, I decided to come to Europe for pastures new.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to live and work in Russia for a year as a teacher of Spanish and English. It was a very inspiring and enriching experience to live in a different country so far from home. Currently I am complementing my profession with a Master’s Degree in Legal translation and Audio visual translation.

I love teaching Spanish both to children and adults, using games, art, music, crafts and other tools to engage students in the language learning experience. Since my arrival in the UK, I have specialised in teaching GCSE and A-levels Spanish to young students. At Spanish House London I have had the privilege of teaching students from all ages, levels, and walks of life.

I am creative, playful and enthusiastic in my lessons. Other things I am interested in are films and literature, especially Latin American literature.

I look forward to becoming your teacher!