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Guided Art Visit in Spanish: “Latin American Artists at Tate Modern”


Last Saturday we spent a lovely afternoon at Tate Modern with some of our students, discovering the artwork of possibly the most significant contemporary Latin American artists of the last few decades. We were touched by some incredibly poignant works by Mexican artist Teresa Margolles, Colombian Doris Salcedo, and Colombian writer and artist Juan Manuel Echavarria. It was amusing to discover Marta Minujin's playful work, and how she changed the Argentinian art scene of the 60s and the way art was perceived by audiences. Against the background of works by major artists such as Leon Ferrari or David Alfaro Siqueiros, to that of lesser-known ones like [...]

Guided Art Visit in Spanish: “Latin American Artists at Tate Modern”2022-10-02T14:59:47+00:00

Learning outside the classroom


This week we have had the privilege to lead Spanish students from the prestigious Godolphin & Latymer school on a guided art visit in Spanish to the National Gallery. It was a fulfilling visit in which the Year 8 students impressed the guide with their motivation, drive to learn, and their observations of visual symbols in the works. The focus of the tour were the works of the Spanish painter Diego Velazquez. Prompted by questions in Spanish, the young learners were encouraged to express their ideas whilst putting their Spanish into gear. The use of places other than the classroom for [...]

Learning outside the classroom2022-06-13T11:28:13+00:00

Spanish artists at Tate Modern: Picasso, Dalí, Miró


Discover the 20th-century Spanish masters at the Tate Modern: Picasso, Dali and Miro. In this guided art visit in Spanish, we will explore the avant-gardes of the 20th century, especially Cubism and Surrealism and we will learn about the main Spanish artists who stood out in each tendency. Find out about Picasso's, Dali's and Miro's artistic careers; uncover the hidden meaning of cryptic works of art; dissect the characteristics of the most famous art movements of the 20th century; and explore how these trends were influenced by their historical context and how they in turn influenced future generations. This is a [...]

Spanish artists at Tate Modern: Picasso, Dalí, Miró2021-11-10T12:35:18+00:00

Finding your dream job as a Spanish speaker


Every person tries to put much effort into education and different training, workshop so that they can find their dream job opportunity. Sometimes language barrier plays a huge role in this job search process. However, people mostly take advantage of their language skills. Do you want to become one of them? If the answer is yes, you are reading the right post. Be ready to read about the tips of the ways to double your chances of being hired for your dream job with Spanish language skills. Is the Spanish language skill an asset? The answer is definitely- yes! You most [...]

Finding your dream job as a Spanish speaker2021-08-04T09:30:26+00:00

La Noche de San Juan


La Noche de San Juan (St John's Eve), starting at sunset on 23rd June, is one of the most iconic and traditional celebrations in Spain. In many Spanish towns, bonfires are lit. Some people even jump over them for good luck! Parties are often organized at beaches, where firework displays usually take place. The fire and the water are essential purifying elements in this tradition. People write their concerns on a piece of paper and burn the paper in the bonfire, to symbolically destroy what is weighing them down. Then they dive or bathe in the sea, to spiritually cleanse themselves [...]

La Noche de San Juan2021-06-23T09:55:22+00:00

Come and support Spain at the Euros with us!


After months of lockdown, we can't wait to start socialising outdoors again! Is there a better way to enjoy a beer garden than supporting Spain at the Euros? Come and join us at the Hackney Bridge bar, with its massive courtyard and outdoor screens, a perfect place to watch footy. Spain will be playing Poland on Saturday 19th June in what promises to be an exciting battle. Bring your Spanish flags and T-shirts, and be ready to cheer, scream, roar, and gasp. Native Spaniards, students of Spanish House London, or just fans of Spanish football are all welcome alike. The point [...]

Come and support Spain at the Euros with us!2021-06-16T10:44:08+00:00

Bring your Amigos!


Introduce us to your friends! We are thrilled to present our new referral programme: Bring a new student of any level and you will both receive a £15 discount on your next course/s. Just let us know which course/s you are interested in and we will create the discount code. It pays to have many friends. You will get £15 off for every new student who books a course with us. You can bring as many as you want, so your courses can be free! Be sure you will be recommending the highest quality of teaching: Spanish House London has been [...]

Bring your Amigos!2021-06-06T13:28:45+00:00

Back to the classrooms!


We can’t wait to welcome you back! We are absolutely delighted to announce that, from 1st September 2020, we are returning to the physical classrooms. Our Clapham North branch will be the first one to reopen, but Euston and Canary Wharf will follow suit shortly. Click here to see which groups will be held face-to-face in Clapham North. We cater for everyone’s preference! If you prefer to join any of these Clapham North groups via Zoom, it will still be possible to connect to the classes online. Teachers will ensure that every student is included in the class and is allocated [...]

Back to the classrooms!2021-06-06T13:28:45+00:00

Spanish for Sailors


Ahoy, sailors out there! We are thrilled to have partnered up with our friends at First Class Sailing to create a “Spanish for Sailors” bespoke course. Our teachers characterise themselves for creating bespoke contents and tailoring the lessons to specific topics on their areas of expertise. In the last years we have run workshops on “Spanish for Business”, “Spanish & Art”, “Spanish for Holidays”, “Literature Evenings in Spanish”, “Spanish Cinema Workshops”, etc. Following the trend, we are now excited and proud to announce this new project! The “Spanish for Sailors” is a live online Spanish course tailored to all abilities. It [...]

Spanish for Sailors2021-06-06T13:28:46+00:00

Spanish Literature Workshop: “Mujeres de la Literatura. Cuando escribir es un acto de resistencia”


Name the most notable Spanish writers of all times. You will probably think only of male names. However, Spanish and Latin American Literature produced remarkable female authors, often overlooked. Join us on 8th May for the workshop "Mujeres de la literatura: cuando escribir es un acto de resistencia", and discover how Spanish and Latin American women fought against gender inequality armed with lyrical poetry. We will work with the stirring texts of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Concha Méndez, las Sinsombrero, Alfonsina Storni and many other inspiring women. This live and interactive Literature/Spanish class will be held entirely in Spanish. [...]

Spanish Literature Workshop: “Mujeres de la Literatura. Cuando escribir es un acto de resistencia”2021-06-06T13:28:46+00:00
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